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Скачать Move Your Ass! - Scooter

Исполнитель Scooter

Альбом 100% Scooter (25 Years Wild & Wicked) Jumping All Over the World And the Beat Goes On

Прослушиваний 21352

Текст песни

Scooter ! Back in the house
Get off your shirts and wait for further instructions!
Starting the "microphone business" I've got one message for the next decay...

Move your ass !

All right posse !
Keep it up! Hardcore !
Come on !
Keep it up !

Move your ass !
Move your ass !

Ravers unite
Maximum respect to the whole European posse
Make some noise ! Ravers of the Universe...
You, keep the spirit alive!
Come on ! Come on !
Hardcore !

Sing it... Yeah-ay ! (Yeah-ay)
Alright, come on posse, you've gotta keep it up!
Come on, party, you've gotta move!
Alright, come on posse, you've gotta keep it up!
Come on, party...
Move your ass !

It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice.
Posse!! You keep the spirit alive! Come on!!!
Thank you !

You still feel alright?!! You want some more?!!! Come on!!!
Kickin' it, Kickin' it, Kickin' it Yeah! Move your ass !
Yeaaaaaah ! Rave nation! Stay tuned...!

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Scooter — Move Your Ass!

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