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Скачать My Fist Your Face - Aerosmith

Исполнитель Aerosmith

Альбом Done With Mirrors

Год 2008

Прослушиваний 6352

Текст песни

Wake up baby, what you in for
Start the day upon your knees
What you pissin' in the wind for
You musta snorted too much bleas

East house pinball wizard
Full tilt bozo plague
Second floor trekkie
Makin' warp speed out the door
Julio Afrokeluchie
He the only one who stayed
Countin' up the days

Please no more
My Fist Your Face
That's for sure

Hey Betty Boop you got me droolin'
I'm buzzing 'round your hive tonight
You play the hooky stead of schoolin'
Son of a bitch put out the light
Thirteen year old hookers
Take a sack right trough the bars
You wonder why the man's outside the door
Junior achivers, got the old bull by the horns

Back in the saddle gets you sore
My Fist Your Face
That's for sure
East house pinball wizard

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Aerosmith — My Fist Your Face

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