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Скачать Permanent Vacation - Aerosmith

Исполнитель Aerosmith

Альбом Permanent Vacation

Год 1987

Прослушиваний 10926

Текст песни

I got a letter from a friend the other morning
He say it's hot down by Montego Bay
I got the point and now I think it's finally dawning
Yeah, yeah, I got to get away

I got to take myself a Permanent Vacation
The sky's the limit, but my plane won't fly
My nose is clean and lordie don't need no sedation
Yeah, yeah, and that's the reason why

I really need it, really, really need St Tropez
I want a tan where the sun it never shines
I really need it, really, really need St Tropez
You best believe it that I got to get away

I got a sister, man she really got a pin head
She think she kinky but she can't get straight
She say she livin', but I kinda think she's brain dead
Just excess baggage on a late night freight


I gotta take me on a Permanent Vacation
The girl's be cummin' down in Cayman Brack
I gotta hand it to a firm situation

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Aerosmith — Permanent Vacation

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