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Скачать Some Conversation - Wishbone Ash

Исполнитель Wishbone Ash

Год 1991

Прослушиваний 8990

Текст песни

I'm taking off this hat
And walking to the sun.
I'm changing this and that and things
I'm done with everyone.

I slip into the sea
And turn my back on sand
And diamonds that may be, or not.
I'll play the final hand.
To check it all
And throw it all away,
But I would always wait for you.

I'll pass my time in sleep
With dreams that make me weep
And all I want's an explanation.
The little time I need
The time you won't concede
And we require some conversation.

I'm checking off this list
Of things that stay undone
And running hard when called upon
I'm done with everyone.
I step into the air
My face against the ground
Foot prints that may lead or not
Never let me down.

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Wishbone Ash — Some Conversation

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