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Скачать Lady Jay - Wishbone Ash

Исполнитель Wishbone Ash

Год 1974

Прослушиваний 9489

Текст песни

Hear me when I cry,
Listen to my song
The Jay, my lovely lady,
To the earth she did belong.

I, a country Sir
Loved her from my life,
But the manor lady's bright young son
Did take her for his wife.

Under forest branches
She came to me,
Until the day she cried aloud
A father I should be.

That was the last time that we met,
I never saw her again,
For she took her life on Princeton Wharf
To save my worthy name.

She found Death's open arms
And lay in their embrace
I watched as icy fingers
Clawed her lovely face.

Now I stumble through the mist
To where they laid her in her grave,
And daily I'll remember
Flowers for my Jay.

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Wishbone Ash — Lady Jay

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