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Скачать Trampled Under Foot - Led Zeppelin

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Исполнитель Led Zeppelin

Альбом Celebration Day Physical Graffiti

Год 2012

Прослушиваний 10282

Текст песни

Grease me down, good electric
I could lay it on the road, mama, it ain't no trick

*Talkin' 'bout love, talkin' 'bout love

Talkin' 'bout

Oh, trouble free transmission puncture to explode
Mama let me pump your gas
Mama let me do it all

(* Repeat)

Take that heavy metal underneath your hood
Baby, I could rev all night, leave a big pile of tubes

(* Repeat)

Automobile club covered, really built in style
Special tradition, mama, come feast your eyes

(* Repeat)

Factory air conditioned, took me by surprise
Guaranteed to run for hours, mama, brand new tires

(* Repeat)

Groovin' on the freeway, drivin' on the road
>From now on my gasoline is gonna be free of lead

(* Repeat)

I can't stop talkin' about
I can't stop talkin' about, oh yes, drive on

Come to me for service every hundred miles
baby, let me change your valves, fix your overdrive

(* Repeat)

Fully automatic, comes in any size
Makes me wonder what I did before I got synchronized

(* Repeat)

Oh, baby, like suspension I just couldn't hold
I'm so glad I took a look inside you showroom door

(* Repeat)

I can't stop talkin' about love
I can't stop talkin' about love
Oh, let me let it down (Repeat)
I can't stop talkin' about
I can't stop talkin' about love, my baby . . .

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Led Zeppelin — Trampled Under Foot

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