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Скачать Ratchet (ft. Joe Moses) - Tyga

Исполнитель Tyga

Альбом Well Done 3 Tyga - Well Done 3

Год 2012

Прослушиваний 15859

Текст песни

(feat. Joe Moses)


Mustard on the beat ho!

[Verse 1: Tyga]
Trap pussy, fuck her in a black hoodie
Fucking in the house, while Momma cookin
Them tacos, bitch I need two mo\'
Knock the pussy out the park; Pujols
Ass Sumo, all gold two door
Bitches wanna hammer baby, but this ain\'t Juno
You know, I got the ratchet on me cause I\'m too on
Know where I\'m from streets getting hotter than Tucson (Augh!)
Rachet City, welcome to the real 50\'s
Creased Dickies, nigga don\'t be conversing with me
Brought the silks out niggas say I\'m looking Biggie
Pussy ain\'t shit, but the hoes will make me richer
Shh, ha, money in the mattress
Now it\'s money in the mansion, I\'m throwing money she dancing
I\'m a motherfuckin G, hella path for a bachelor
Ratchet, hating niggas hacking
Tell me where the...

Where the ballers at, ask me where the ballers at
Hut one, hut two, I\'m the quarter back
Fuck a pretty bitch gotta let you have it
I don\'t do this for the motherfucking rapping
I do this for the ratchets
I do it for the ratchets
I do it for the ratchets
I do it for the ratchets

[Verse 2: Joe Moses]
Verse two, sadity man I hate those
Go bowling in her pussy, A-hole
Nice face but her ass like play dough
Charge on the mouth with my dick; Diego
Knock it off knock it in then knock it down
Mayweather with the ratchets, knock \'em out
Said her last nigga weird, Pacquiao
Left her in the studio, ass up face down
Pretty bitches gon\' hate, we don’t need that
Where the ratchets at? Tell me where the ratchets at
Shake your ass to the beat then bring it back
Mills said bleed, driver can you handle that?


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Tyga — Ratchet (ft. Joe Moses)

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