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Скачать A Train to Nowhere - Bad Boys Blue

Исполнитель Bad Boys Blue

Альбом Completely Remixed The Fifth 30 25

Прослушиваний 1822

Текст песни

I walk around and I tried to hide.

Cause your eyes.

They`re telling me good-bye .

I drive my car, hear the radio.

Playing songs that go round and around in my mind.

(Why can`t you believe that I`m right?

Why can`t you realize there are feelings inside?)


A train to nowhere that we are riding.

We`re riding over and over again.

A train to nowhere.

And we are gliding.

A way that never may happen again.

A train to nowhere.

So late at night when I want you home.

You said No!

I would like to stay alone.

What have I done that you turn this way?

What has happened to us?

Now our love has gone.

(Why don`t you believe in your heart?

Why don`t you agree to say sorry and hark?)


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Bad Boys Blue — A Train to Nowhere

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