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Текст песни Muskrat Ramble

Hey now, heh!
What\'s the reason for this celebration?
Man, ya look at all those people there
Hanging round this station
Say, what\'s the big event?
An essential train is coming
On track number one
Well, it\'s got to be the Pittzburg Pirates
No, it\'s more important, son
Is it the President?
No no no no
Brigitte Bardot?
No no no no
Then tell me who\'s about to arrive?
There he is now, Satch-a-mo and The Dixieland Five
Oh, look at them shuffling, shuffling down
A-rambling, scrambling over the town
Hustling, bustling, buzzing around
Never saw a bigger celebration
Oh, look at the train, a number seven-o-nine
Just a hugging and a-puffing
And arriving on time
Changing the town from dead to alive
Satchmo and His Five
We\'re gonna play that Muskrat Ramble tune
And Mr Bing, the moment that it\'s played
You lead us on the big parade
Altogether now, one and two
Join the happy throng
Everyone start mushing, swinging the Muskrat song
We\'ll be singing along
Oh, Mr Bing, when you sing, that\'s the thing we do enjoy
Well, Mr A, when you play, Gabriel say, Who that for?
Everybody\'s walking, talking
That Muskrat song
While we amble that Muskrat Ramble
While we amble along
Oh, that\'s the best parade I ever been on, Satch!
Natch! You are in New Orleans!
While we amble along