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Текст песни Fire Bomb

Gunfire left a hole in the tank losing gasoline
Fire is on my trail and it’s after me
Hope it don’t get here before I get where I’m going
I gotta get where i’m going take off my mask to breathe
You could’ve been a part of a masterpiece
The fluid in the brakes was the last to leak
But that’s the thing
Where I’m going I don’t need my brakes
Can’t wait to see your face
When you’re front window breaks
And I come crashing through

The lovers need to clear the road
Cause this thing is ready to blow
I just wanna set you on fire so I won’t
Have to burn alone
Then you’ll
Then you’ll know where i’m coming from
Fire bomb

Seems cold but baby no it doesn’t have to be
Microwaving our metal tragedy
Watching it burn and it’s beautiful and it’s blue and it’s pitiful when it’s through it’s the other half of me
I didn’t do it you lit the match for me
Now we’re flying from the blast baby
That’s the thing…
Where we’re going we don’t need no brakes

And baby we were killin em
They couldn’t handle the millionth degree
We were criminals
Cause we were burning the world
Call the police and the fire dept ambulance
You can call me crazy
Cause I believe the only the move
For me and you
Is to go out blazing…