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Текст песни Don't Turn Off The Lights

I don't have to tell you
What this is all about
Cause baby half the fun
Is in us figuring it all out

So why you gotta ask me
What I'm doing now
Cause I don't like to question
What I still haven't found

So don't turn off the lights
I don't wanna be in the dark tonight
Cause I can't read your mind
I need to know if what I'm doing is right
So Don't turn off the lights
So Don't turn off the lights

So tell me how we're gonna get there
It's so hard to even try
But if we move together
We'll end up on the same side


If you could know what I'm feeling
Would you run and where would you go
If you want to Know what I'm thinking
Then just turn on the lights and you'll know