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Текст песни My Girl

My girl, shebreathes hellfire
and my girl, she feeds my desire
my girl Sadie she`s the wind in my sails
a puss n` boots lady with a cat o` nine tails
comin` after you honey, feet don`t fail me now
my girl, she`s bareback rider
and my girl, she`s Lady Godiva
she`s a full-time lover no mon ami
sweeter than honey from a honey bee
and it all rubs off on little old me-oh-my
slippin` in and out of love (4x)
my girl, she smokes barbed wire
and my girl can`t get no higher
I made it with the lady with the one-track mind
diamonds in the rough they`re so hard to find
day after day, the same old grind and grind and ...
my girl (8x)
my girl